Weddings… only once

I wish I could marry every week… oh well, then they wouldn’t my as much fun would they? Probably not.

Weddings have always fasinated me, the decorations, the outfits, the food, everything is so mystical and good looking and good tasting. I have been to lucky myself to have gone to several weddings and since I started following fashion I have been quite interested in wedding shoes particularly. Don’t ask me why those feet things I adore so much. It’s just the way I am.

Only Maker shoes are one of my favorite brands when it comes to bridal shoes. Honeystore is another favourite. I just can’t get enough of them. I adore almost all of these shoes. It’s just somehow so good to wear them and they seem to last a whole lifetime. And my husband, who doesn’t know anything about fashion, and wasn’t even there when our daughter got married, says that these shoes all look the same, and even worse, probably all very uncomfortable. But I can tell you, they don’t. For the price, they are excellent.

Honeystore Women’s Mid Heel Rhinestone Sheepskin Bridal Pump

This week we are doing the positive look at one of my good friends weddings. Certainly one of Diane’s favourites in the current collection, this shoe comes with an incredible silhouette, in the perfectly pitched 11.5cm heel towards the exuberant velvet trims. It’s modern in it’s construction by having an essential hidden platform but includes a retro feel thanks to an overlay of lovely embroidered ivory silk fabric and also the barely there chiffon pleats provide a much softer edge.The bonbon rose has spectacular flowers that sit atop strong stems, essential for adding height. Put them on, feel like a film star and come along with an amazing selection, and finish the appearance having a headpiece that goes a long with it perfectly. Comfort is made certain with ultra-luxurious soft natural kid leather textures that we adore so much and along with that there is a high-grade leather sole, if all this leather wasn’t enough. We like these shoes because it’s striking and bold and plays with texture. If this sounds like actually the shoe for you personally. To get more inspiration on wedding shoes I can recommend this website

Happy shoe searching.


This is my first post!

I will be adding many more here for next months so stay tuned. My main goal for this website is to have my saying about fashion related things. I love fashion and follow it quite closely. It hasn’t been much that I don’t know about it, I mainly wear some great clothes and then again it’s my hobby.

My self and my partners ego takes huge pride in the trend adhering of our lives. Mainly because he is not in the same line as me when it comes to fashion. I noticed last year when he had been about this time around after purchasing a Anna Klein solid dress with spaghetti straps too lengthy that I totally couldn’t and it wouldn’t but it on. Having a bra, which I haven’t emerged with the thought of putting on colored, floral, crazy printed bra underneath something that could have a good sense putting the bra on the line. Sure card for being busted out on a daily night. You need these kind of tips to be able to have the same valid function as I have. Not trying to be a wise ass, just trying to help and share opinion.

Anyway… when I met my pal Jan to witness which of my favorit dresses she would put on I immediately found out that whatever she said, we totally agreed. Whether it was about the laces, the lining or just the colour or pattern, we agreed. It was one of those rare occactions. Although, she might have equally well overlooked the above and blamed it on that certain Friday but seriously, I’d perform the same, while holding a sign saying, I love fashion more than my friends. Well, which I theoretically don’t but it looks good on paper.

Obviously everything isn’t perfect. At last she found out that my blue jeans totally didn’t fit the dress skirt I had put on… and I see it know, it wouldn’t have fit. Imagine the situation again, two individuals in the ’90′s trying dresses on in a locked room. Better commebacks have been seen when shopping. I loved after that it (cause I had been a fool), that on the same day it acually struck me. I was a style, shoe, fanatic. And I witnessed how she uncovered her bra with colour which I hadn’t thought of before.

Two things I observed being massive hits in retail at this time: (1) Colored tops, and (2) floral dresses. Which is the way I would go. Keep your attitude low and stay cool. You can find some good dresses here